MKU 47 G2
MKU 47 G2 MKU 47 G2, Transverter offen MKU 47 G2 mit Hohlleiterübergang MKU 47 G2, Blockdiagramm MKU 47 G2, Versionen MKU 47 G2 mit 6mm PA MKU 47 G2 mit 6mm PA2 MKU 47 G2 mit 6mm PA3 MKU 47 G2 mit 6mm PA4 MKU 47 G2 mit 6mm PA5 MKU 47 G2 mit 6mm PA6

MKU 47 G2, Transverter

47088 ... 47090 MHz
net: 684,87
incl. 19% Vat. plus shipping
Lead time on request
RF range47088 ... 47090 MHz
IF range144 ... 146 MHz
IF input power1 ... 5 W, adjustable
ext. LO frequency11736 MHz
ext. LO input powertyp. 10 mW, max. 30 mW
Output powermin. 30 mW
RX gainmin. 19 dB, adjustable
Noise figure @ 18 °Ctyp. 6.0 dB, max. 7.0 dB
Image rejectiontyp. 17 dB
PTT controlcontact closure to ground or +12 V on the IF-cable
Supply voltage+13.8 V DC (+12 ... 14 V DC)
Current consumptiontyp. 200 mA (RX) / typ. 400 mA (TX)
Casemilled aluminium
Dimensions (mm)127 x 74.5 x 18
IF connectors / impedanceSMA-female, 50 Ohms
RF connectors / impedanceR500 / WG24 / WR19
LO connector / impedanceSMA-female, 50 ohms
Weight290 g (typ.)
Frequency step size
The integration of former external components, like e.g. image rejection filter, low noise amplifier as well as the switching of receiving and transmitting path enables the installation of a 47 GHz station with just a small number of components. Only an oscillator module with 11736 MHz and a waveguide switch are necessary. The design of the LO input allows the use of existing oscillators. The waveguide connectors are designed to work with PROCOM and UG383/U flanges. For the control of an external waveguide switch, there is a 12V output on the transverter that is only powered during the transmission phase.

A bigger attenuator at the IF input port allows an input power of up to 5 watts. Self-resettable polyfuses prevent damages of the transverter module, especially if it is used in a portable station. The small mechanical dimensions of the transverter, which is designed in SMD technology, allow the installation of a small portable station as well as a powerful home station.

Of course, the transverter can be extended by for example a low noise amplifier or a power amplifier module.
New features of the transverter MKU 47 G2
  • IF input power up to 5 W
  • Built in 47 GHz amplifier for receive and transmit
  • With the usage of image-rejection up-/down-converters, an external image rejection filter is not required necessarily
  • Fuses are self-resettable (polyfuses)

Well-tried functions and features - based on MKU 24 G2
  • Transmit gain and receive gain separately adjustable
  • Control output for additional amplifier stages or a coaxial  relay
  • PTT can be switched by voltage on the IF connector or by connecting the PTT pin to ground