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SEQ 1, Sequence Controller

max. 1 A • +12 ... 15 V DC
net: 41,18
incl. 19% Vat. plus shipping
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Supply voltage+12 ... 15 V DC
Control Output PAmax. 1 A
Control output for antenna relaymax. 1 A (switched to GND)
Switching delaytyp. 100 ... 150 ms
Many coaxial relays have a too low isolation between the ports during the change-over. If the power amplifier (in a transmit-receive system) is switched too early, this may lead to damage or destruction of the input transistor in the preamplifier or converter.
With a sequence controller, this trouble can be avoided. The sequence controller provides a control signal for the coaxial relay and it switches the voltage supply for the power amplifier. There is a time delay between the two signals to guarantee safe switching.
  • Control circuit for transmit-receive systems which use power amplifiers and coaxial relays