KU SG 2325 100

Signal Generator

2300 ... 2500 MHz • 1 ... 100 W

The KU SG 2325 100 is a high-power signal generator for the ISM frequency range at 2.4 GHz. Typical applications are electromagnetic wave propagation tests, microwave heating and EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) tests. Furthermore it can be used for scientific and medical irradiation.

The device provides a CW signal in the range of 2300 ... 2500 MHz (the frequency is adjustable in 100 kHz-steps, optional 10 kHz). The output power level can be adjusted in one watt-steps (1 ... 100 W). All functions can be completely remote controlled via RS 232 and USB. Internal protection against mismatching, an excess temperature protection and an interlock function are implemented. The current operating status, output power and frequency are displayed. Important warnings are signalised by status LEDs. The unit is accommodated in a 19 inch rackmount case (3 U) and can be delivered in a 19 inch desktop case for stand-alone operations.


TypeKU SG 2325 100
Frequency range2300 ... 2500 MHz
Frequency resolution100 kHz (optional 10 kHz)
Frequeny tolerance+/- 10 kHz
Output power1 ... 100 W (adjustable) +/- 5 %
Modulation typeCW
Protection funktionsVSWR (built-in isolator, automatic shutdown), excess temperature and interlock
Remote controlRS232 and USB
Supply voltage230 V / 50 ... 60 Hz (rubber connector)
Current consumptionmax. 1.6 A
Output connecotrN-female, 50 ohms
Case19 inch-case (3 U) / aluminium
Dimensions (mm)482.6 x 150 x 400
Weighttyp. 10 kg


  • Power adjustable in 1 W-steps
  • Frequency adjustable in 100 kHz-steps (optional 10 kHz)
  • High frequency stability
  • Low phase noise
  • LC display for frequency, power and status signals
  • Automatic shutdown at high VSWR, over temperature or interlock error
  • Built-in isolator for protection against high VSWR
  • Remote control via RS 232 and USB


  • Electromagnetic wave propagation tests
  • Microwave heating
  • EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) tests


  • Installation into a 19'' desktop case

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